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Goals and Objectives

– To develop cultural relationship and friendship among the youth all over the world.

– To assist foreign children and youth with the opportunity to get acquainted with the Russian culture and art, as well as the CIS (Commonwealth of independent states)

– To empower and to boost children and youth’s creativity

– To identify young talents through contests in order to provide them with the right conditions for self-expression and broaden their mindset.

– To improve skills, interpersonel-knwoledge and competency

– To build bridge between experts, masters, artists and art learners

– To feed and raise aesthetic sense of the participants, in order to impact on social awareness and self-estime


The Festival of arts “Colours of Sahara” is held with support of:

Embassy of Russian Federation in Tunisia

The national association of Russian Compatriots Club “JARKY” 

The Ministry of Tourism and Handicrafts of Tunisia

National  Tunisian Tourist Office 


Fashion studios, model agencies, fashion theatres, fashion designers etc. Two nominations are determined for the genre «Fashion art»:

а) «Group show of collection». Collections shall be presented in different art styles or themes: «Casual fashion», «Avant-garde fashion», «New fashion materials», «Batik», «Evening fashion», «Sport fashion», «Historical costume» etc.

b) «Individual show of a single author’s costume». The participant aged from 14 years shows the costume, made according with the author’s project independently or with an instructor. «Oriental» collections or costume are welcomed!

«Choreography art»

«Singing art»

«Instrumental music»

«Circus art», «Original genre»

«Fine and creative art»

«Drama theatre»

«Music theatre» etc.


Ensembles, duets, soloists of different nominations (sections) – choreography, vocal, instrumental etc. Creative collectives and single persons (soloists) beyond 3 years old can participate in the contest.


NOMINATION «Fashion art»:

The collections consisting not less, than 5 models are accepted.

Stylized show of children clothes is acceptable – up to 10 minutes.

In nomination «Group show of collection» the participants should show 2 collections.

In competitive work any auxiliary materials and accessories can be used. Different kinds of processing of a decor are accepted. The collection should be complete, any use of style directions and the fashion trends, new technologies in processing of materials, nontraditional application of known materials, search of new perfect forms and constructive decisions in the field of design of a costume are accepted. On each collection or an individual costume the summary (3-5 sentences), opening the sense and idea according to the chosen nomination is represented. The priority of performances is defined by the program. During the demonstration of collection the stage adaptation and the musical design, strengthening the effect of performed work, opening the advantage of a creative plan and skill of young fashion designers are possible. Demands towards participants of the festival-contest.


NOMINATION «Choreography art»:

Choreography (people dance (folk); classical dance; modern dance). Participants in solo and small forms (duet, trio, quartet) compete in their nominations and are not divided into age groups. Age categories: junior group – 7-10 years; medium group – 11-14 years, senior group – 15 years and above. Two numbers shall be presented at the contest. General term of a presentation up to 8 minutes.

NOMINATION «Singing art»:

 Vocal (variety song (pop, jazz etc.); people song (traditional); academic genre (classical); folk-lore collectives). Age categories: A category 1 – 5-8 years; a category 2 – 9-12 years; a category 3 – 13-15 years; a category 4 – 16 years and above. 2 songs sung to a phonogram (minus) shall be presented at the contest, a-capello, separate accompaniment. A phonogram shall be presented at CD-R or (USB) flash drive (flash memory card). A phonogram (plus) shall be available. Duration of each song – up to 4 minutes. In nominations – people and academic vocal presentations with “natural” accompaniment are welcomed. Instrumental music. Up to 30 % of adults are acceptable in a group (orchestra). 2 numbers are presented, up to 5 minutes duration each.

NOMINATION «Circus art»:

Show-programs, Original genre (circus and sport programs). The program will have to present up to 10-15 minutes.

NOMINATION «Fine and creative art»:

Fine and creative arts (painting, drawing, small plastic art, domestic craft). Each participant may present up to 2 works. One paint is accepted as homework for the painters, the theme «Carthage legends». Another work will have to paint at open air practice.

OTHER CONDITIONS AND RULES: It is obligatory that teachers bring 2 different copies of each CD-R in the event of malfunction of the original. Only the song for that entry may be on the CD-R. It should be cued and clearly marked with the name of the song and studio/soloist. CDs must be turned in at least one hour before the scheduled time and performance time. A phonogram shall be presented at CD-R or (USB) flash drive (flash memory card). All copyright negotiations are the responsibility of the participant.

Propsare allowed but must be “freestanding”. Any litters on stage after your performance must be clean by your crew. Any unnecessary delay will result in a point deduction. Smoking is prohibited in all competition and dressing room areas and limited to those areas designated by the facility. Food or drink is prohibited in the competition area or backstage. It is expected that all competitors and attendees will conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen at all times. Any artist in competition takes certain incumbent risks. These include, but are not limited to, sprains, pulled muscles and broken bones. Participation in this contest indicates the acceptance of such risks by performers. Direction and the hosting faculty are not responsible for personal injury or property loss at its events.

Technical settings (specification) are required for any performance. It have to send and submit to Executive management approval in advance.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all the participants are enabled to prepare a full concert program for the festival to organize a performance on the public stages of the host country!!!


Intramural Extramural – for the painters


The competitive performances of a genre «Fashion art» are valued by such criteria as: unconditional conformity to the general collection theme and to the collection theme chosen by participant; an idea actuality, a design, an ensemble and figurativeness in disclosure of a theme; a know-how (innovation, the creative approach in application of materials and technological decisions); a staginess, a theatricality (stage direction, musical and artistic realization of a plan); a degree of quality and of skill of competitive work; a draft realization of creative work, a fashion parade. The Adjudicator will give credit for the quality of the performance, purity of the intonation, level of technical and artistic interpretation of the music composition, the choice of the program, musicianship, creativity, stage presence, costumes etc.


1 DAY: Opening Ceremony of the festival-contest «Kraski Sakhari» («Colours of Sakhara»);

2 DAY: Theatrical activities; Competition Show.

3 DAY: Theatrical activities; Competition Show.

4 DAY: Competition Show. Semi-final;

5 DAY: Festival Show;

6 DAY: Festival Show;

7 DAY: Gala Show and following Awarding Ceremony.

All theatrical, dates and location are subject to change. We reserved the right to change the schedule, and we expect participants to be available to perform at anytime throughout the Festival-contest time. The confirmation package and schedule of events will be mailed to each studio/independent entry within ten to twenty days of the competition.